About us

Rely on twenty years’ experience, we developed a technical and engineering background which represents nowadays our strong business reality, focused on engineering innovation and actual trends.
We carry out works related to the Engineering Plant design, Energy Saving, Environmental Sustainability and BIM Modeling field.
Our expertise of project management, construction management, testing and Technical Consultancy wide the range of services we offer to our customers.
We run both national and international projects, working at US, Middle East and Mediterranean area.

Technological innovation and sustainability, the future of the engineering sector


Our strong experience in the plant design field, allow us to run each project in such a multidisciplinary way than all the engineering aspects and intersections with other specialized subjects are well integrated, supported by the usage of BIM Procedure and the most modern software technologies.

The flexible organization put in place and the professional skill updating, ensure high performance achievements, complying with quality standards.

Professionals and specialist know-how

Our experienced and highly specialized professionals, relying on the actual computer technology tools, are skilled to effectively manage the whole project lifecycle, getting high performances, continuous quality improvement and client’s goal achievement.

Our goals

Aiming to expand our global market in technological innovation field, to use technically advanced software solutions and to propose creative design concepts, we are dedicated to our customers ensuring their satisfaction and being proactive with innovative solutions.


We are subscribed to OICE, Association member of Confindustria, who represents the Italian Engineering, Architecture and Technical-Economic Consulting companies.

loco certificazione oice


Openprogetti meets the standards provided by the Quality System Management rule, applying them to all its offered services and processes from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the finished project.

The Quality System Management aims at ensuring the achievement of results that adequately satisfy the client’s needs and expectations, in compliance with the project requirements.

Know more about our completed projects

From planning to construction management. Here are the works created with innovative methods and technologies for a functional and sustainable management of each field

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