Technical and Administrative Test

As part of the service we offer, this concerns the installation of systems, test engineers from Openprogetti S.r.l. srl plan the actions to be completed according to agreements made with the client.
Specifically, the actions are as follows:

  • Inspections, tests and audits needed to make sure that the works comply technically with the project and contract instructions as well as any expert reports for approved changes;
  • Technical and accounting checks of the measurements for works and the relevant prices applied;
  • Examination and opinion on any reservations presented by the contractor or client;
  • Test certificate issue

All of the measurement actions performed by technical engineers are recorded with the relevant outcome in the Test Sheets that are annexed, once the intervention is completed, to the final technical report issued to the client.

Good practices and documentation that can not be missed for a complete design test

The Openprogetti installation are tested and complete with certifications attached to the final technical report

The Openprogetti installations

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