This is carried out by the commissioning agent, i.e., one of our professionals with the task of guaranteeing owners/principles that the building system overall, i.e., the building itself and all of the installations, offer the promised performance. More specifically, commissioning concerns completion of the following actions:

  • specification of performance needs for the building-installation system, as required by the owners/principle
  • budgeting the different proposals and actions proposed by those involved in commissioning to achieve performance specifications;
  • writing up the relevant documentation
  • ensuring that the building’s energy systems are installed, calibrated and operating in accordance with the requests of the principles and design documents, i.e., that they operate in the correct conditions
  • ensuring that the systems are maintained in correct conditions, via the execution of performance tests

The guarantee of a work carried out in compliance with the targets and expectations required by the client/property

Verification of the work done, accounting and drafting of the appropriate documentation to ensure the proper implementation of each building system


Choose the services and professionalism of Openprogetti also for the verification and certification system for the closure of works

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