Energy Modeling

This is a service we provide concerning the energy modelling of the building. It is performed by our expert technicians who are well versed in the use of the specific calculation package ‘EnergyPlus-Energy Simulation Software’, a special software to simulate energy use in buildings and able to support all of the variables with the greatest effect on consumption during the design stage, identifying the best possible technology choices from an energy viewpoint. More specifically, using a Google SketchUp plug-in, known as ‘OpenStudio’, allows us to simulate energy use through a user-friendly 3D design interface.
The Open Studio plug-in automatically generates the inputs needed by EnergyPlus, while the user designs the surface using SketchUp. Thus Open Studio allows users to launch EnergyPlus simulations and then to view the results directly in SketchUp. At this point, Open Studio will generate the drawing in SketchUp, based on the input files from EnergyPlus.

Using this calculation software, it is possible to simulate a building’s energy use, commonly referred to simulation of energy consumption over the period of a full year’s use.

Energy modelling is one of the main requirements of the LEED standard because it makes it possible to assess energy consumption in a building and to quantify the energy savings that can be attributed to the design model proposed.

It is obvious how it can be profitable, as part of building design, to assess energy savings because this influences both the design and the whole decision-making process at the base of the technology solutions proposed. Energy modelling is a valid support for building design, allowing the Design Team to direct economic investments towards the best possible energy use for the building itself.

The best tools for calculating the energy efficiency of a building and falling within LEED standards

The Energy Modeling is a valid support for the optimization of the design of the buildings, allowing to direct the economic investments in the sense of the best energy use of the building itself

Energy Modeling

Calculate and define, with the help of our expert technicians, the energy consumption of a building under construction

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