Organizational structure

Our organizational structure is established on interoperability and multidisciplinary, ensuring flexibility, modularity and integration.

The General Management unit is our business hub, to which all other operational units refer (Secretariat, Procurement Department, Administration and Accounting, Sales Department, Quality), as well as the Technical Department office and the Planning and Control office.

The Technical Department ensures the technical activities management and control over all the project stages, by coordinating all Operational Units involved (Mechanical Systems OU, Electrical Installations OU, Special Plants OU, Fire OU).

The whole project lifecycle is managed by a Project Manager who is in charge of planning, scheduling and monitoring the activities and their progress. He works in accordance with the Planning & Control office, keeping track of economics, budgets and costs.


Job Roles

Planning and control head

He plans projects activities and manages projects organization, defining project budgets, monitoring temporal targets and controlling economics and costs. The Professionals also runs project quality compliance audit.

Technical Department Head

This Professional coordinates the different operational units, analyzing client’s needs, checking out project feasibility and current legislation consistency. He supervises all technical activities carried out by the operating units.

Project Manager

He coordinates the project by providing the organizational workflow and the project audit, checking out quality compliance and resolving conflicts. He provides project planning and programming, scheduling the activities and monitoring development stages, heading the design team, collecting General Functional Requirements , drawing up project documents (technical reports, technical specifications, calculation reports, etc.). He draws up meetings minutes and inspection reports.


By interpreting the real project objectives, from the beginning to the end, and making sure customer vision and expectations, he provides system measuring, positioning and calculation, controlling and correcting them as far as graphical, geometric, numeric and prescriptive aspects concerning his own subject. He sets the project, oversees its detailed development in compliance with the applicable regulations. Chooses the most appropriate components and keeps up to date the project documentation.

Supervision of work head

As part of the construction management professional may take coordinating activities, managing the direction and the technical and accounting control execution of the work planned for each action, taking care that the work which he is responsible are carried out to perfection and according to the project and the contract. Verify that the individual part features are carried out regularly and in the observance of contractual provisions and supervise the work in accordance with the requirements set in the tender documentation. He participates in the meetings held with the client and runs functional tests of the systems.

Cad/Bim draftsman

Provide drafting graphic printouts, control and correct them as far as graphic, geometric and prescriptive aspects as concerned. Provide for sizing, positioning and calculation related to works and installations, it performs verification and correction for the graphic aspects, geometric, numeric and regulatory context of their technique. Check step by step the work in order to develop, if necessary, of innovation elements that can be added to the project.


Provide drafting of calculations and estimates, control and correct them as far as geometric, numeric and prescriptive aspects are concerned.

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