Schematic Design, Detail Design, Construction Document

Integrated systems for efficient management of each project phase

The systems Design, whatever it is Preliminary, Definitive or Executive, relying on the “BIM oriented” approach allows Openprogetti to realize the system design and share it with other professionals without quality loss, providing to its stakeholders all the necessary information.

The BIM project is a three-dimensional model “enriched” of information, like volume, size, material, appearance, technical features. The clear advantage of this design approach is the fact that allows you to share all interoperable design data with colleagues and partners who also use other different softwares, even while preserving compatibility and absence of information loss.

Specifically for engineering systems, the “BIM oriented” project is more efficient and has got an easy integration with all IT sizing tools, positioning, modeling and computation of the installations.

Furthermore, the BIM usage assures the constant verification of data consistency, or the evidence of design inconsistencies as real interference between the components, even if they come by the own company or by external collaborators, and ensures interoperability between all those involved avoiding unnecessary economical waste.

Real time coordination of all the operative units that collaborate in the project

Building Information Modeling

BIM is a method to generate and manage building information throughout its life cycle, from design and construction to management