Office Buildign N11 – EXPO 2017, Astana (Kazakhstan)

Astana, Kazakhstan
Client: Studio Altieri Spa Year: 2015 Services: Construction Design for Electrical Systems and Lighting Design

Construction design for Electrical and Lighting Installations for the Office Building N11 located in the exhibition area.

From June to September 2017, for the first time ever, a Central Asia country will host the international exhibition. In Kazakhstan capital, Astana, ​​about 25 hectares in the area between the city and the airport are being built for the Expo 2017. The selected theme of this event is “Future Energy” and it will cover the following topics: responsible and efficient energy production, relationship with the environment, renewable energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The area dedicated to the Expo, which will involve about over 120 countries and 6 international organizations, is integrated with the city architecture to become a major city district dedicated to scientific research and jobs life.
The forecast expects about 7 million visitors, among foreign people, residential and tourists, who will be able to get around the pavilions and explore the themes of technological innovations. The main pavilions and areas, whom the exhibition theme will develop through, are:

  • Kazakhstan Pavilion: located on the 1st floor of the Sphere, it covers a total area of 5000 sm
  • Thematic Pavilions: four thematic pavilions are the key objects, revealing the theme of the exhibition: World of Energy, Energy for the Future, Energy for All, My Future Energy
  • Public Areas: for functional purposes, they present a series of workshops, installations and small architectural shapes located outdoors
  • Best Practices Area: is the symbolic center of the Exhibition, which will show the best technologies, projects and strategies in different areas of sustainable energy
  • Future Energy Forum: is one of the central events of EXPO 2017 be held during the whole period of the Exhibition. It will provide a unique platform for global debates and conferences on the Future Energy topic, hold in the Congress Hall located next to the VIP entrance.

Within its designing competencies, Openprogetti on behalf of its Client has contributed to the construction design for Electrical and Lighting Installations for the Office Building N11 located in the exhibition area.