Project & Construction Management

With its own Project & construction management service, the main aim of Openprogetti srl is to guarantee project development according to the limits set by the context of the client, i.e., cost, time and quality. The secondary – but no less ambitious – aim is to optimise resource allocation and integrate the inputs needed to achieve the objectives defined, solving problems and mitigating the risks that each project, to a different extent, will meet along its way.

These activities concern the following:

  • planning, i.e. definition of the content of the job;
  • taking care of scheduling, i.e., the timeframe for the development of activities in line with plans;
  • tracing the economic value of the project, i.e. defining the job budget and monitoring project costs on a constant basis;
  • performing all of the actions needed to control and limit costs.
  • construction site study
  • supervision for purchasing and subcontracting
  • organisation and coordination of site activities
  • job accounts and general accounting
  • operating licence assistance
  • AS BUILT report

Method and organization of work: the basis for the success of each project

Planning, development and optimization of resources for the greater sustainability of each project

Plan and optimize the development phases of your project with Project & Construction Management

Reach your goals in compliance with the expectations and constraints set by the client

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